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Clusterpark SIA is an European Union software technology company that develops enterprise search technologies and software solutions for machine-generated Big data data collection, processing, and instantly relevant search and analytics.

Clusterpark flag-ship solution is Log Data Server, a turn-key, ready-to-download log collection, management, search and reporting software platform for customer online Big Data services. It provides centralized corporate-wide platform for real-time acquisition, storage, indexing, analysis and search of log and audit records. The platform is based on easy to integrate REST API to perform log data collection from virtually any other existing environments and legacy applications that nearly universally support REST and web services today.

The platform was engineered on top of a massively scalable document-oriented industry standard XML database software technology for data and reporting portability to end-users and authorities that enterprises require. This software was licensed to Clusterpark SIA by its founding company Clusterpoint SIA, that originally developed and supported this software from 2006 to 2014. Technology includes unique enterprise search and unstructured data crawler software, that provides ease of use and simplicity of collecting both unstructured and structured data from the Internet, corporate machine-generated log systems and corporate intranets.


Imprimatur Capital Fund Management

Imprimatur Capital Fund Management invests in innovative Latvian technology start-ups sourced from their international network of universities, research institutions, technology incubators and technology entrepreneurs. Imprimatur Capital main areas of interest include digital media, enterprise data management, homeland security, medical technology, biotech, new materials and clean technology.

Imprimatur Capital Fund

Management is based in Latvia and manages seed and start-up funds with investors including the Latvian Guarantee Agency, other institutional investors and some private investors. Imprimatur Capital Fund Management source investment opportunities primarily from the Baltic/Nordic/Central Europe region.

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