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Contextprime SIA is an enterprise search solutions company, our technology licencing partner.

Clusterpark SIA is a distributor of Contextprime's "GDPR Online Ledger" (GOL) product, while Contextprime SIA is a distributor of Clusterpark SIA unstructured data crawling, security information, events management and enterprise search software.

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SIA Clusterpark is a spin-off company of NoSQL and Big data technology software company Clusterpoint SIA.

Clusterpark SIA was co-founded by Clusterpoint SIA together with Imprimatur Capital Fund Management VC fund in 2011.

Clusterpoint SIA is a NoSQL and Big Data software technology licensing partner for Clusterpark SIA, while Clusterpoint SIA is a distributor for Clusterpark's "Log Data Server" product.

Clusterpark SIA operates as a fully independent business.